Sri Ch.V.P.Murthy Raju, a great Sarvodaya leader established this College in 1974 under “Chintalapati Bapiraju Dharma Samstha” with a view to provide increased access to education for groups that currently have only limited access. The College is situated in a tiny village Dumpagadapa in the heart of Kolleru lake area and students of this College commute from about 25 scattered villages. In the light of this fact, the institution strives to develop a policy of inclusive education. In the present context exclusion from access to higher education occurs in multiple ways and is reflected in the disparities observed not only between the poor and the non poor but also across social groups classified according to caste, religion, ethnicity and gender. So, the institution aims at an inclusive education policy that requires a judicious combination of a compensatory affirmative action policy and a pro poor policy. Thus the institution, as a repository of scholarship is dedicated to social mobility in an increasingly meritocratic, techno critic’s society.

"Knowledge and Discipline” is the college motto"

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